Full Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits

The benefits of full spectrum CBD oil, then, are similar to the overall benefits of CBD, but many people feel those benefits are enhanced by the presence of the other ingredients. Everyone reacts to those ingredients a little differently, so you will want to find out for yourself exactly what works best for you. But here are some of the most common reasons people enjoy full spectrum CBD products.


One thing that everyone knows about cannabis is that it makes you mellow. Many people credit this to the THC, but the other cannabinoids can help you relax without getting you stoned. The good thing about full spectrum oil is that you can have a bit of THC but still be able to go about your daily tasks without your brain getting fuzzy.

Good Sleep

This is another use of cannabis with a long tradition, which has been revived lately with CBD products. While CBD oil doesn’t depress your central nervous system like an actual sedative, its relaxing qualities can help people calm their racing brains at night and get high-quality sleep. Try putting some full spectrum CBD tincture in your evening tea an hour or so before bedtime.

Exercise Recovery

Many athletes use Organic cold pressed CBD as a way to help them recover from the temporary discomfort and stiffness that comes from a hard workout. Most pro athletes can’t take full spectrum CBD products because they’re subject to drug testing, but if you aren’t, you might appreciate taking a full spectrum CBD tincture or capsule right before or after you exercise.

Everyday Stress Management

If you’ve got a frantic life (and who doesn’t these days?), a full spectrum CBD product can be a helpful part of your stress management routine. Try adding tincture to your morning coffee to help counter the jitters and keep you calm throughout the day. Or use full spectrum CBD oil as part of your meditation or other mindfulness exercises.

Supports the Body’s Balance

As noted above, the ECS is involved in many bodily functions, but its overall role seems to be in maintaining homeostasis – the body’s ability to stay balanced through changes from day to night, rising and falling temperatures, and so on. Using full spectrum CBD oil supports this process, helping to maintain a sense of whole-body wellness.


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