The main difference is that they feature pass-through holes on the second piece and add a collection chamber to the bottom. This easily holds enough for a bowl or two, and means you don’t have to shake the herb out of the grinder.

If you live to skate, this three piece grinder is a must-have. Equally at home with a Pulsar SK8Tray or at a discreet sesh at the skatepark, the unique silicone grip sleeve helps keep your herb in the palm of your hand. With real spinning bearings, this grinder can shred along with you and keep you rolling all day.

The first two pieces, starting with the top lid, each have a set of cutting teeth. Together they make up the main grinding compartment. Just as with three piece grinders, the second piece has holes for the ground herb to fall through. Underneath that, the third piece is a storage compartment where shredded herb is collected. However, unlike a 3-piece grinder’s solid bottom, this part will usually have a fine mesh screen that filters out kief* into the fourth and final piece. This bottom compartment is also known as the pollen chamber.

This grinder speaks for itself: Wizards on motorcycles, trippy mushroom forests, rainbows and the open road.

This crank grinder has all the same features as your average 4-piece grinder, but comes with the bonus hand crank and a view window so you can watch your grinder in action. It’s fun to use and watching that wheel of teeth go round is mesmerizing. This grinder is great for the ganja grasshopper and the smoke sesh sensei alike.

Hand grinders overview: the Stoner girl accessories grind produced by hand grinders is usually a little chunkier and is best used in bowls, bongs, and for rolling. Hand grinders are great for the beginner and the advanced alike, because they are easy to use and hard to break.

On the other hand (ha!), all manual weed grinders require some level of manual dexterity – gripping with both hands and wrist twisting may be more challenging if you have a repetitive strain injury, arthritis, or otherwise limited use of one or both hands. If that’s true for you, you’ll want to consider an electric grinder instead.

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